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  1. Avalanche C4 Surf Help

    Troy, That is a good looking wake! my boat is 3 inches more narrow on each side of center so not sure how much that will affect wake and the weight needed would probably be a little less to get the same amount of list. Seems like a wakeshaper would still help buy maybe with that amount of list the shaper is nearly out of the water?
  2. Upgrading elite c4

    I am not sure on the vdrive ratio. With stock 17.5 pitch prop the boat will go 50 mph. When surfing with about 2500 lb of ballast in the boat 3k rpm gets me about 11-11.5mph. Not sure that helps determine the ratio but it might? Where could I look on vdrive to see?
  3. Upgrading elite c4

    Ok I might get the prop checked this winter can they ever so slightly change the pitch or cup for closer to a 16-17 pitch vs 17.5? Who would you guys recommend sending it too?
  4. I just picked up an elite v c4 2007 also about a month ago. Must be the time to find some nice 2007 c4's! Mine has stock 17.5 pitch prop. Thinking about trying a little larger 13.25-13.5 inch prop in the 15-16 pitch range. Mine has some pretty big bags in the back lockers. At least 500 lbs maybe are 750's? They fill front to back and sideways near perfect and when full fill locker about 2/3 vertically. They are fly high fat sacs. Mine has stock center ballast think is 350 lbs. bow bag is guessing 400lbs. With back left bag full, center full front 70 percent full and back right 75 percent full it makes a pretty nice surf wave with wake shaper on side of boat. That is with only myself and one observer. My boat has the 350 mag motor which I assume is pretty standard. Motor seems to handle this load fine. Running about 2900-3000 rpm at about 11-12 mph. Thinking about adding some lead/steel in rear lockers so dont need bigger bags or more people to increase wave size a bit. If anyone has added surf gates or trim tabs like go surf assist I would love to hear about how that worked/helped boat wave making performance. Hope this helped you guys a little on how my boat was set up when I got it... Let me know what you learn as you go. Thanks, Dean
  5. Upgrading elite c4

    Thanks for the information. Looking forward to a good winter project! Also need to get figured out why the boat pulls hard right when I let go of the steering wheel at moderate and higher speeds. Rudder has the normal play with no excess movement. Boat steers easily left and right at all speeds. Also get a little shudder in steering wheel when I put to hammer down getting out of the hole but then resolves at lower and higher speeds. I have read about rudder tuning and guessing that might fix the pulling right issue when letting go of the wheel. Any info on these last 2 issues would be great. Dean
  6. Upgrading elite c4

    Extra $$ not that big of a deal as its probably only an extra $50 or so but just hate drilling holes in a boat. Seems wrong!!;]
  7. Upgrading elite c4

    Thanks for the knowledge from experience and info about diy systems. Dean
  8. Upgrading elite c4

    Well think I have decided to order 2 jabsco ballast puppy pumps. One for each of the fatsacs in my rear lockers. I am considering cutting just one through hull hole. 1 inch size mushroom fitting and y to each pump. I would think a 1 inch hole should not affect filling speed much? What if one pump was set tp fill and one to empty at the same time would the water just loop through the y? Damage? Would a t be better? Or just 2 holes in the hull? Sorry for all the questions.;]
  9. Upgrading elite c4

    My boat didnt have any type of PP system so I am going straight to stargazer. I was just wondering about 3.5 vs 5 inch screen.
  10. Upgrading elite c4

    Glad to hear you felt the 3.5 inch screen was adequate. Will try a search again.
  11. New to this forum and wakeboating in general. Been a boater all my life but mostly fishing boats and a 24 foot cuddy cabin I/O when I was younger. My son got into surfing and wakeboarding and convinced me this is the way to go!! The speedo is not working on my just purchased c4. I am planning on getting perfect pass stargazer anyway so not a huge deal. I would like to get the 5 in screen but if I remove my speedo then I loose fuel level and volt meter also. The far right gauge opening is 3.5 inches and unused so planning on just putting my perfect pass in that opening. Make sense? Other options? Second upgrade is to plumb in the 2 fly high fat sacs in the rear lockers. Only built in ballast now is the center tank. Bakers has an aerator pump system with 2 800 gallon pumps with switches hose... for $270 per kit. Sound like a good way to go? Last upgrade for now is I plan to go from stock prop 13x17.5 to something like a 13.5x14.25. Think it will be better for hole shot and surfing and just as good for wakeboarding. Thanks for any help. Dean

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