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  1. I just looked at mine and it appears to be the exact same as your description. I'm not sure if this is normal?? I'd think it's too big a coincidence both ours are bent the same by fluke
  2. Thanks alot for supplying that link. Never saw that in my searching and was a great read. It does say that the floor was fiberglassed into the hull structure on that. This one definately is wood under the carpets though. Which is why I'm having a tough time.... Possible they did a mix with the composite stringers and a wood floor? I did email Centurion about a week ago, but still no reply. This is also a air warrior model so not sure if that makes a difference? Thanks everyone
  3. Hi everyone Have been on here reading/researching/lurking for awhile while looking for boats. I have came across a 2000 Centurion Elite air warrior direct drive. I Am considering buying as it's on the low side of my budget. I think it will do most everything my family wants decently, but with a focus on slalom skiing(experienced). We are rookies on the wakeboard(beginners) and never surfed. I have been trying to figure out if this is all composite construction or has wood before I go see the boat, and I'm getting mixed reviews, I'm just not sure. Thought I'd get your guys opinions and ask the forum that knows these boats. I'll post a picture of the interior. Thanks

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