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  1. 302 or a 351W?

    Man you guys did such a great job on your boat wow. I really want the same factory color scheme inside and out it look so sharpe!
  2. 302 or a 351W?

    Ya I will be doing a full motor swap on this one for sure. 👍
  3. 302 or a 351W?

    Thank you guys for the info, its much appreciated! I tried to upload a picture of the motor but the file is to big even after I cropped it. A company I am emailing with looked at the pictures and said he thinks its a 302 lol. I need to get back to the shop and get the casting number as well as measure the intake manifold bolt to bolt as they are obviously different. I have not pulled up the floor yet but everything seems great but we will see when I start ripping Into it!
  4. 302 or a 351W?

    I just bought this beauty for a restoration project, motor is toast but couldnt find a data plate on the block, I've heard the motor could be a 302 or a 351w......any ideas on the correct engine?

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