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  1. Been having issues with boat for 18 months now (owned for 5 years) and have spent $10K at boat mechanics/dealers (new CPU, new top end, new cap/coils, various sensors) and still not working. Always starts and no issues at idle. When under load around 7 mph/1,800-2,000 rpm starts to misfire badly and will repeatedly do this - very heavy timing/misfiring when bumping up against this rev range. Sometimes it will get through the issue after 15 -30 minutes of trolling and trying to get on plane - seems like it just catches and timing issue goes away - maybe crazy but it seems that if water is rougher or going over wake it allows it to catch more easily. Once through the issue will run absolutely perfectly until stopped. Very rarely (but usually when been out on a bouy it will start and run just fine immediately but after 2 minutes then goes into limp mode and then the same issue happens.) Local dealer/mechanics are stumped - (Vancouver, Canada) - and I don't have a limitless budget. Basically we have nice looking floating slow moving island/tanning bed but no surfing. Really want to get this sorted out. Still love the boat and wave when it works so would love to figure out what the issue is. Have the time this off-season to investigate issues. Wondering if this could be related to fuel pump/corroded wires? Other ideas or suggestions would be welcome? 2006 Avalanche C4 Storm Series New core put in 2017 Approx. 300 hours on boat
  2. Have a 2006 Centurion Avalanche C4 with a Mercruiser Scorpion 5.7 (aftermarket installed 5 years ago) just before we purchased it. Last year it started to misfire when under load - idle is fine. We have had the top end rebuilt and have replaced the boat computer (Motorola). With about $9K Canadian spend we still have a boat with intermittent issue and are pulling our hair out. It runs really rough - backfiring and won't deliver power when under load but if puttered around for 15-20 minutes with slowly adding revs it will then suddenly overcome the issue and will then perform flawlessly with no timing/backfiring issues. Love the boat for wake surfing but this issue is driving us nuts. Anyone else ever experienced something like this? Does not seem to be fuel related as when it does perform it is absolutely fine. Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. With the amount we have spent at two repair facilities it seems like we should have a brand new motor set-up that works flawlessly vs. finding out our boat isn't working after being told it would.

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