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  1. 09 enzo sv230

    I can't get a good goofy wake ever.. I have filled up the back ballasts full with somewhere around 700 I believe and left the other side empty and started adding water to it but its not a clean wave at all and not alot of push.
  2. 09 enzo sv230

    What about front weight? I just have the stationary plate on it that I manually change the way. Sorry im new to all this so I dont know all the names and what im talking about yet.
  3. Whats the best set up for a 09 Enzo sv230? I have after market ballasts set in each rear locker. Probably around 700 pounds each side and a wake shaper but I can get a good wave. I fill them full and its just washy. What about the stock plate off the back above the prop? Does that need up or down? Cant tell if I am hitting the swim deck or whats going on. NEED HELP to figure this out. I need the best set up and no 3000 after market plates (yet). Thanks for everyone's help.

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