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  1. Thanks. I just bought a different phone and will give it a shot this weekend. My dealer plugged his phone in and got the same result so I'm leaning towards system noise, interference, or connectivity. The fact that it's BT and USB is also a little strange.
  2. I just took delivery of a 2020 Ri237 with Coverfire setup. Sound systems works and sounds great except that when I connect my iPhone Wired Aux/USB or Bluetooth a faint beep comes through the speakers. The noise does not increase or decrease with the volume. It also continues if the music is stopped/paused. The beep only starts when I connect the phone, but does not go away until I turn off the system with the dash mounted "Radio" power button. I can even change the source and the noise continues. I haven't had a chance to check for loose connections yet. Any help is appreciated.

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