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  1. So after some new batteries, the screen came back to life! On to replacing impellers in the ballast pumps, as well as the QF gates. This forum has been a great help!
  2. I am experiencing the same issue. This is great advice, thank you x3. If in fact I do need to replace the drain master, any tips? I found A picture of the part here https://drainmaster.com/rv/ which has helped me a lot understanding the gate, In my head I had something completely different about how it works. thanks again!!
  3. I’ve switched the wires with another pump and I am able to fill the PNP rear bags for now as a work around. Pump is good. The computer is stuck on 33 for PNP rendering the pump useless until I can find a remedy I’m switching wires back and fourth. Any ideas? Ive also got a quick fill valve that needs a motor replaced. (I think) How does the Allen keys provided on the electrical motor work to manually drain and fill the quick fill tanks in the hull? Which electrical motor part am I looking for to replace it? Thanks in advance!

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