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  1. vDrive dash light

    The paperwork I received when I purchased it showed the original owner upgraded the motor to a PCM Excalibur 330. So the trans and v-drive are both pleasurecraft units.
  2. vDrive dash light

    Huh. Well there is a light on my dash between the tach and speedo and it will cycle on and off depending on the RPM's. What could it be? I've checked all fluids except for the V-Drive. I'm going to check that tonight. The guy I bought the boat from kept all service records and kept the boat in excellent shape. I'm not noticing any unusual noises. Thanks for the help.
  3. vDrive dash light

    I may have stated the v-drive info wrong. It's a Pleasurecraft Power Plus. Any idea where the sensor would be on this? Also anyone have info on the oil type and level? Thanks for all the help.
  4. Hello all, I'm needing some guidance. I just recently purchased my first boat. It's a 2007 Centurion Typhoon C4 with the PCM Excalibur 330 and the PCM vdrive and transmission. I have a dash light that I believe is for the vdrive. It will randomly light up. It's at different RPMs. Sometimes I will be cruising at 3200rpm and it will be off then on then off again. Where is the pressure sensor located? I've tried the upload the pics but having some trouble with the sizing and I can't seem to link it either. Thanks for any help.

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