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  1. Any chance you can tell me or take a picture where the 2 breakers are under the dash. I have been under that dash several times and can only see one red breaker on the left side if looking from the drivers seat. I will take off and clean the connections and see if anything is loose. I asked my dealer and he said if its the dash its going to be a lot to fix it. Everything works on the digital screen other than the cruise control but guessing thats because of the analog speedo not working. Thanks for the help!
  2. Batteries were 12.6 but I put them on the charger anyway and they are good. I disconnected them to see if it would reset something but it is still the same. When I turn the key forward one notch the tach goes down a littler and then to zero but still doesn’t work. Are there lights that should come on those gauges? Any other suggestions?
  3. Ok Well that would be helpful if that’s all it is. Batteries are turned off so I’ll try that first.
  4. Super excited about getting a new to me 13 SV233+ but it has an issue and could use some help. I put it in the water for a 20 test run after I bought it and the Speedo and Tach don't work which makes the Cruise not work as well. No lights on both as well. The touch screen does work. Any ides as to where to start? Is there a plug in the motor I can start with? I'm guessing its not just a couple of unplugged wires on the back. I didn't have time to look at it but heading this weekend to see if I can fix it. Boat is 5 hours away so not easy to look at all the time. Any help would be appreciated.

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