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  1. S238 pricing

  2. I'm assuming this site will favor the S238, but interested if anyone has been on both and can offer some advise. I was originally looking at a Malibu 22LSV before discovering the S238. Both are brand new but the Malibu is 2019, but I think I can get a pretty nice deal on the Malibu. The Malibu maybe only 5 to 10k more than the S238. I really like the S238 but can't help but be intrigued by the Malibu. I'm assuming I can get better wave with the S238 and its a bit bigger boat that may ride a bit smoother (I'm on a big lake that can get windy and sometimes a lot of traffic). Malibu has maybe a better finish with some nice bells and whistles that aren't necessary but are nice to haves I guess. I guess the big thing is value. I'm not planning my next boat already, but where would I stand in couple years if I decided to upgrade. Not planning to wakeboard or ski, just wakesurf and cruise around with family and friends.

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