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  1. As far as I know there isn’t any sort of meet up in the PNW for Centurion. Nautique does their “Regatta” every year which was in my home town (Richland WA) this year and it makes me want to do a Centurion meet up. Here is my proposal which I am open to feedback for: Second or 3rd weekend in July of 2022 at one of the following locations: Crescent bar, in Quincy WA. This is my personal choice as it’s one of my all time favorite places to go with an awesome boating scene. Tricities, WA I actually live here and put it on here because of the access to lodging and our 300 days of sunshine average, and average summer temp of around 95 degrees. Lake Billy Chinook, in central Oregon. Awesome scenery though from my experience it’s limited lodging (mostly camping though correct me if I’m wrong) but is about 45 minutes from Bend. anywhere else I am forgetting about? Who in the PNW would be open to something like this? If you are open to it where are you willing to travel to?
  2. I would love to see what some people have done to add cup-holders or where they have added them in. The ones that are in the boat are flimsy and I have a few ideas on where I can add a few. Just wanted to see if someone has a more creative idea than me.
  3. 1999 Elite V

    Mine also had perfect pass and the tower. the only thing it didn't have was any stock ballast although the stock tanks on those boats are only 250 pounds. You also have to take into consideration the condition of the boat. Mine needs some vinyl work but is not in terrible condition (i give it a 7/10 considering the age and it never being replaced) and the trailer needed some work. My NADA average book price was $19.5K.
  4. 1999 Elite V

    I would say thats on the high side for sure, I just got my 2001 Elite V for 17K with 250 hours. Given I got mine for under book but I believe that boat should be worth something closer to 20K. This should be a great starter boat for wakeboarding and surfing though, just get some fatsacs for weight and you should be good.

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