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  1. S238 pricing

    I'm guessing they have priced right. The boat market right now seems to be strong, so they know it will sell. No sense dropping the price when they think someone else will be in next week to buy at the asking price. I just bought mine in the midst of the pandemic because I'm ready to get out, and judging by the amount of boats out there, I'm not alone. I think it'll be tough right now to negotiate too much lower. Maybe try to get them to toss in some free or heavily discounted gear if they have a store.
  2. Hey everyone, new user here and brand new owner of a '17 S226. Took it out yesterday and played with it some to figure out the wake, completely forgot about some of the settings. Oh well, will learn in time. Long time wakeboarder but looking to surf more to be more gentle on the knees and back these days. Just wanted to get some recommendations on making a nice clean wake for riding goofy. Ballasts, trim settings, speed, etc. I also have 500 lbs of lead bags (10x50lb bags) to move around as needed. Thanks!

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