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  1. I have a wake board rack for two boards and also a ski rack for two ski’s off a centurion avalanche with a evolution tower for sale. $75 for each
  2. So I figured out the way the Bimini top should go but I am missing a bar around the back. on my tower I have 2 bars that curve up and back and go in the back of the Bimini but nothing to hold the back corners tight. I can not find any pictures of how the back goes together or what this piece looks like . anyone with a Bimini top on a evolution tower out there that can take pictures and or measurements of this part it would be a great help. thanks
  3. Hello my first post (probably one of many) so thanks in advance. I just purchased a 2007 avalanche. With the evolution tower and factory Bimini top. However a) I’m stupid and can not figure it out or I am missing parts to get it working. Is it possible for someone to list the parts, or bars needed to install or a diagram? I have searched and googled away with nothing. thanks for your help Miles

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