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  1. Zs232 opinions

    I just bought a zs232 2020. I demod all the budget boats and the zs was head and shoulders better. Little more expensive then the rest but we’ll worth it. So far it’s been amazing!
  2. ZS232 wave setup advice

    I just bought a 2020 ZS232 and have noticed the same sensitivity to the wave but after couple days of playing with it I think I am starting to get it figured out. My current preferred set up is as follows. Usually 5-7 people full ballast (dealer recommended draining the small 250lb bag on opposite side, but I didn't notice a difference with this) Center tab at 50-60 (70+ makes wave noticeably shorter but less steep and friendlier for beginners. this tab is the easiest way to mellow out wave surf tab slightly larger number then center tab. ie center at 55 and surf at 65 I also noticed speed is huge too. dealer recommended 11.2 but my wave is better at 10.9-11. haven't played with lead yet. I will keep you posted on any new tweaks or findings.

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