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  1. ZS232 wave setup advice

    Will head over there, and thank you very much for the advice. This is my first surf boat (only rented Axis in the past, and they were pretty simple with SurfGate) so appreciate the help!
  2. Not a lot of posts out there about the ZS232, but a few from @2011V208 stating it takes some tinkering. I've only had mine out twice (once being the demo) and I've struggled to consistently shape up a good wave. When it's on, it's amazing (VERY tall) but it seems even a small movement from a passenger will make it crumble. With a 8 people total (4 of them fairly light weight) I had the quick surf set up for 100% for goofy (starboard side wave) and lightened PNP port to ~30% and bow tank to ~50% (rest at 100%) and played with the trim tab pretty much all over the place. Tried a full bow, full everything, and a few other configurations but I'm hoping there's a more consistent setup. Anyone else have a quality setup or other setups that I should explore some? It seems finicky overall, doesn't take much to go from amazing to crappy. Thanks in advance for advice.

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