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  1. Got the answer on FB. Thanks! cant wait to get on the water!
  2. Does anyone have an RI or FI with the stock roswell downfire system? Can you check the model numbers of the amplifiers? thx
  3. I just purchased a RI217 from a dealership with the Spark system. Part of the transaction was to upgrade the boat to the downfire system from the spark. Does any one know the model numbers of their stock downfire system that would have been in a 2019? We have the downfire on and everything sounds great. However there was a miscommunication about the in boats from the 6.5 to 8" and sub. The sales order and intent was for the system upgrade not just the tower upgrade. The dealer is going to order the 8" and sub to complete the system but my concern the wrong amp will be in place. Thank you

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