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  1. CATs on ri237

    I have heard they have to pay royalties too Malibu for the CATS technology and will be phasing it out. This could be why A LOT of dealers don't order boats with it anymore. Honestly when you compare pennies to pennies its not that expensive option for an actual increase in performance ability/adjustability. I mean, you can get literally change some seating options/trailer options and have CATS. Also if re-sale is important it seems to me like centurion guys are a niche group of boat owners and CATS has been a important option in the past so I could see why people would value that option in the aftermarket. I am also a new owner so take everything I say with a grain of salt. But I searched for the answer to that exact question for about two weeks and thats what I took from it. Happy boating! (P.S. I took a boat with CATS over a boat with the H6 and some other options at the same price after taking some advice on the Facebook group)
  2. First post and I am proud to say I am a week away from becoming the new owner of a 2019 Ri237. Very excited that this community is active and can't wait to join you guys. However, I am having a dilemma selecting my boat. There are two almost identically optioned boats and I can't seem to make my mind up on how important the differing options are. Boat 1 has the H6 engine upgrade and all the bags (WCCS edition bags which I'm told doesn't matter) Boat 2 has the H0 6.0liter 450hp engine and all the bags except for the bow bag. I am going to be an absolute freak about wave tuning and will be using lead (surfing mostly with some wakeboarding) and I was told that they normally don't order front bags in the Ri237's due to them not liking weight in the front in that specific boat. What is your opinion on this? How expensive is it to buy an aftermarket bag for the front if I decide I need it? Engine time.... The H6 is their newer direct injection engine but it makes almost the same power figures as the 450hp 6.0 liter. They say its more fuel efficient but I'm guessing that's marginal, is there anything else I'm missing? Seems like saving the 5k and taking the 450hp 6.0 is the move over the H6. Thanks for all the help!

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