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  1. ***Newly minted crew member here. The wife and I just picked up our first Centurion (1999 Elite V with 360 hours) and I am struggling to find any concrete info online about this specific model. There appears to be some real variability in the hull design and options between 1998-2002 for the Elite model and I purchased it off Craigslist without an owner's manual. For example, this hull has some "transom pockets/cutouts" that I can't find any info on and didn't see on all models from this era. Do any of you helpful forum members know how to locate a PDF owner's manual? I emailed Fineline and they haven't reached out. Hoping also to set her up for a modest surf wave and will be investing in some rear locker ballast bags and a surf gate. Anyone with a similar model Elite V and some experience with a ropeless setup got advice? Thanks in advance all! I have been lurking in the forums for a few months and you all seem extremely helpful! Andrew

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