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  1. Unfortunately mine, doesn't have an additional oil drain, or at least I cannot tell. Anyone know of another way to get the oil change done? Or recommend an oil extractor? M@
  2. Have you figured out the right type of oil pump extractor. For some reason I couldn't get the tube far enough into the oil pan to get it all out? Is there a certain type I should be using to get all the way into the pan? M@
  3. Thanks for welcoming me! First time owner of a 2006 Centurion Elite V (black scorpion engine with 300 hours). Does any have the following part numbers for: Oil Filter Fuel Filter A couple other questions for the pro's: What's the best engine oil I should be running? Besides the regular winter prep (antifreeze, oil change, fogging, fuel stabilizer) anything else I should consider? Thanks All! Happy Wakeboarding!

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