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  1. Would someone with a proflight tower (preferably on an Avalanche) be willing to take a couple measurements for me? I'm looking for the distance between feet on either the starboard or port side (center to center) and the distance from the center of the rub rail to each of the feet (vertically). Thanks a ton!
  2. I recently picked up an 03 avalanche c4. I'm loving it so far, but I need a new cover. I'm interested in a Westland Sunbrella cover. The problem: it was manufactured out east and has the nontraditional extreme swoop tower (as opposed to the proflight tower). I confirmed that the extreme tower is original to the build sheet. Apparently the 05 avalanche came with the extreme swoop tower. So, my question: can I just order a cover for the 05 avy with the extreme swoop tower? The hulls are the same, correct? Is it fair to assume the tower was mounted in the same place? Thanks in advance for any advice/help. Love the forum!

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