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  1. I have a 2012 Enzo 211 that developed a leak with the v-drive seal last summer. Repair shop at end of season said all seals are on back order. FFD to beginning of March, took boat to repair shop since they just reopened the beginning of March and dropped it off on a Thursday. I forgot to leave them the Mobil 1 Delvac oil so I called the next morning and owner advised his mechanic quit because he refused to work on my boat. He refused to do the repairs in the fall and would't work on it as Centurion is a junk boat. Owner advised it would be a while before he could get around to repairing it and finds another mechanic to hire. In the meantime, I called an assortment of dealers of surf boats (Nautique, ATX, Centurion, Moomba) covering western/central PA and western MD all of whom refused to work on a Centurion. I even called the Centurion dealer in Conneaut Lake, PA (Navigation Company) where I bought it and they refused to work on it as it was too involved. This is the 2nd time I have been very disappointed in the Centurion dealer, Navigation Company. I just don't understand a Centurion dealer refusing to work on their own brand of boat because it is too involved. The made the sale and now don't bother us. After being super frustrated I did some research and decided to do the work myself. I found a Correct Craft forum in which a member described in detail and pics of how he removed his V-drive and transmission. It was basically the same as mine since both boats utilize PCM products. When I called the repair shop back when they opened on Tuesday morning, to my surpirse they had already started on the repair. In a day I had my boat back. It was not as involved as everyone thought and made it out to be. The engine did not need to be supported as the engine mounts were not removed, nor was the transmission. The v-drive mounts were all that required removing and the mechanic decided to remove the exhaust risers to allow for easier access to the v-drive bolts to the transmission. Plus removal out of the boat too that way. The gas tank did not need to be removed as stated by the Centurion dealer. $1,000 later my boat is all repaired (9.5 hours labor @ $100 hr and $25 part). 9.5 hours seemed a little much from what I info I obtained from the other forum, but I am just happy to have my boat back and ready to try out. Will have to wait for warmer weather here in Pa to make sure everything has been repaired properly. Thank you to George at West Penn Marine!! I have info should anyone need it on how to remove their v-drive and transmission should you have issues with your boat. Save you a lot of money on labor.

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