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  1. Hello, I'm new here. I recently stumbled upon an old ad for a Ski Centurion Wave Comp. It's a 16' straight inboard (either 4cyl or 5.0L V8 engine options). It's a cool looking boat, could probably drop a more modern, all aluminum EFI engine in there, and have economical boat, strictly used for skiing. I'm just curious if anyone here has ever owned one. I've got some questions. I'm wondering what the intended market was. I'm guessing private ski lakes? Looks like it can only seat a few people, so probably not meant as a weekend lake boat. What's the beam on it? How much does it weigh? Does it have a good wake for skiing? What's the top speed? I'm guessing it's got to be mid to high 40's with the V8. Maybe it would be a decent boat for barefooting? Was it used in tournaments? There's not much info out there on it, at least that I could find. Any info would be great. Thanks

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