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  1. I joined this forum a couple months ago hoping to learn more about the RI 257.I intended to purchase one this winter but am now leaning toward Malibu just because there's a community that helps each other out there. I have posted a couple times with none of the original thread starters replying. I also joined the Facebook group. Does anyone know why these 2 forums for the most part are totally dead? Barely any one answers any questions on either platform. Where does one go to get first hand information about these new boats? Thank in advance
  2. I just got back from a test drive of a 2019 RI237. We are planning to buy an RI257 this winter but wanted to ride the wave first. Our local dealer doesn't have any 257's in stock so we rode the 237. Unfortunately I was very underwhelmed. After researching for months and from reading everything I could online I thought for sure I would be buying a Centurion this winter. I'm going to test drive a Malibu 24MXZ in a couple weeks to compare. I really like all the specs on the Centurion though. Any thoughts? Could the dealer have been that far off on set up? They had full ram fill tanks and full pnp except no water in pnp in the bow. Thanks for any opinions
  3. Getssum and Dave in Tahoe. What dealers did/are you purchasing from? I'm looking to buy this winter and am planning to be doing most of my boating in Tahoe like Dave. Thanks!
  4. RI257

    Hello all. I am looking to purchase an RI257 this winter. I am planning on buying used to save a few bucks. I will be boating on Lake Tahoe above 6000 feet. Is there anything I should want or avoid? Should I make sure it has CATS? Thank you for any advice!!!
  5. RI257

    H20king. Tried pming you. Not sure it went through
  6. RI257

    Thank you for the reply. I would have to take a second look at the fi. I really like the Ri. What are the major differences? Our local salesperson doesn't really know these boats. At least not the salesperson I'm working with.

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