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  1. hey franco, tried to pm about the 211 but looks like you are blocked. a little smaller than what i was thinking but doesnt hurt to chat. lmk how to contact
  2. exactly my thoughts on the economics front. also, if i already have the luxury liner for the wife and her friends i just want a bare bones wake making machine for my me, my son and a couple friends. you guys are awesome. thanks for the tips
  3. yah, read through the threads. looks really appealing. now i'm going to have to hunt for a boat. hopefully more come available after labor day out here in the north east. cant use it till next year anyway so i'll hang out an wait..... thanks for the help - you really saved me going back and forth on newer vs little older+tabs/ballasts.
  4. thanks Jeff. really like your suggestion on tabs. i'm going to start looking for a used mid 2000's with an eye toward setting it up over the winter - ballasts and tabs. will have to factor into the price but given that i just want a great wake without all the frills, an older boat with upgraded shaping tech seems like the ticket. thanks very much for the input
  5. been looking around the used market for a boat to surf behind. it would be used for surfing and wakeboarding. i have a big family 30' bow rider for hanging out, so just want a watersports dedicated boat. how do the mid-2000's avalanche/enzos compare to modern boats? just looking for a great wake as i already have the creature comforts but hate to spend north of $100k if i can get a good wake from an older boat thanks in advance

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