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  1. I drilled new holes, staggered from the originals, into the bracket flange. I will drill and tap these new mounting holes into the platform.
  2. I have received my new stainless brackets and I'm happy to agree! The transom mounts are remove and replace, with the holes lining up. The old mounts had countersunk screws, but the new mounts are not countersunk. So, I'm going to see if there is enough clearance between the transom mounts and the brackets to use stainless hex head bolts (hardware was not included). The new platform bracket holes are the same pattern as the old, but the new bracket is wider so the holes are relocated barely 3/8" from the original. Troy answered my question as to the composition of the plate (aluminum). I may try to capture one side of the original holes with the new bracket, and redrill/tap the other. However, I don't think the geometry from the mount will work. Troy, how close were you new holes to the old, and did you have any problems? J
  3. So, the Centurion/Fineline stainless brackets are around $480 delivered. You have to order through a dealer, and Centurion will dropship to your location (or you can pick up at the dealer). On my 2008 SV230 I will have to drill the transom and the platform to make it fit. Since I have to re-drill the transom, I will probably raise the platform by using the existing top hole in the transom as the bottom hole in the new bracket.
  4. You guys are spot on. About $400 for the stainless from Fineline, about the same for the aluminum from Alloy Marine. The Alloy brackets have holes that will fit the platform, the Fineline brackets to not. They should have left them undrilled. What anchors the brackets into the platform? Is there an aluminum bar or plate that I can tap into? Some recommend raising the platform? I've read that this gets the platform above the wake and the up force. Is it worth the effort?
  5. I'll call the dealers. I spoke with Alloy Marine, and heard the same story as described above. They sell a newly designed aluminum bracket for $375ish for the whole set. What did you guys pay for the Fineline Stainless? Did it come with all the brackets? Did you have to drill new holes in the hull?
  6. 2008 SV230 Enzo. Cracked welds on both sides, just like in the pictures. Bottom of the brackets are broken, indicating the welds were overloaded in an upward direction. One of the brackets is broken completely through the mounting plate. Most of us know that re-welding the cracks will not fix the design. It still overloaded and will simply crack again. It's also a safety issue. You don't want that heavy platform taking out your surfer at the ankles when it breaks off. I called Centurion/Fineline. Part # R2763 and R2568. They said I have to order through a local dealer? The problem is not no one will tell me if these parts are stainless or aluminum. Can anyone verify where and how they get the new stainless design?

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