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  1. For my 2008 Supreme V232, I'm considering replacing carpet with Sea Deck or Gator Step. Does anyone know if there is gel coat beneath the carpet or what I will find when I pull carpet? This boat is a "Fineline" boat.
  2. Curious if you ever resolved this issue. . . I'm having a similar problem in my 2008 V232. Gauge cluster is wigging out. Perfect pass isn't grabbing at set speed. . . Then tonight, Boat randomly wouldn't start. Getting a classic low battery "click click click but I have power for all other electrical stuff, e.g. ballast, stereo, blower etc. . . Tested batteries for voltage and they are both good. Ground issue? Starter solenoid? I just don't know where to start with wires etc. . . Gut tells me this is an electrical issue. . . Any thoughts?

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