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  1. well. i am learning yes. i have tried moving my feet forward , backward, left right, i surfed for 20 minutes straight holding the rope moving around , trying to experiment. i read that people do it all the time with a Direct Drive. I was hoping someone had experience with a T5 and could tell me some set up tips. i have a hyperlite broadcast, 2018 model, im 6'0 tall and 175.
  2. ABSOLUTELY. i just have been fighting with it trying to place weight in the correct spots and still haven't found enough push. i have 1500 in the back, a mission delta, and 370 in the bow with a small amount of passengers, maybe 400lb. still no luck. we got mad last weekend and pulled out the slalom ski!
  3. Any set up tips for a direct drive T5 comp
  4. I'm needing some help setting up my DD T5 comp for wakesurfing. I currently have (2) 750LB fat sacs, and (1) 370lb fat sac. i have a mission wakeshaper. I normally have about 4 people of around 400 lbs in the boat as well. Can anyone give me anymore tips on placement of weight or set ups to help me get a surfable wave without having to use the rope? I cannot find enough push to throw the rope inside the boat. This is NEW to me and i figure someone on here knows what they are doing to make this work. thanks!!

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