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  1. Hello, We just bought a Sv220 with the 6.2 and having trouble getting to work right. First time on the water boat ran good for a little bit then we started wake boarding and the boat would act like it was getting drug hard and temp would spike fast. Took it to the dealer and they replaced some sensor. Today we took it out and with six people and the ballast full, throttle all the way down the boat wouldn't even come close to getting on plane 12-15 mph was the best it would do, even with moving 4 people to the front. Empty all the ballast and it would get on plane but not like I would expect that size boat/motor combo to. This is my first real towboat/vdrive so any advice would be welcomed. We ended up putting mine on the trailer and got my buddys 2000 malibu out and it makes my boat look like a 25hp fishing boat.

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