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  1. We have an '83 Ski Centurion Tru Trac. It's a 19 foot. We aren't planing well and are considering smart tabs. We have too much wake and rooster tail for happy single skiing. Will the smart tabs help us with less wake, rooster tail? As I have been looking at all other discussions on forums, looks like I'm looking for the opposite of everyone else in this world. Looking for less wake.
  2. Vintage "Ski" Centurion

    Billy Bee - I was happy to see your post! My husband Jeff found a boat very similar to yours in the Salt Lake area. My husband swung a great deal/trade for the boat and has been working hard on it for a couple of years. It sounds like we have had similar issues to yours. In addition to what you mentioned, Jeff replaced the engine with a new one. It had/has a 351 Windsor. The issues that we are having with the boat are: the boat won't plane, and the wake is freaking me out. I like to single ski.I have never been a really aggressive skiier, but have never been so freaked out about the wake before. The wake has a rooster tail that I can't deal with. It seems like too much off of the sides of the boat as well. Definitely not planing like it should. Our RPM's at full throttle approach 4200, which is about right we think It has a Holley 4160 carb. Jeff just made sure it was adjusted right. We're taking on water, maybe under the bump guard seam, maybe in front. We may need to raise the trailer and see if we can drain it better. Speedo's aren't correct. Only one works right now, and it appears to be about half speed slow. When the speedometer shows 13, we're going about 25. We checked with a GPS today on the water. What kind of ski does your wife ski on? I am using my old Connely hook what I have had since the early 80's. I love it, am comfortable with it, but one day I would like to up my game. So, I was wondering. Coincidentally, I grew up in Stockton, and have been boating on the delta my whole life. What a great place to be! I really couldn't be luckier though, despite the shorter warm season here in Northern Utah, we have a reservoir 10 minutes away that offers glass if we get out early enough. We get the fishermen to wave (one fingered) sometimes, but laugh it off! We only tear it up for half hour or so before Jeff goes to work. I've tried to send photos, but the file sizes are too big. I'll try again later maybe.

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