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  1. Since I'm just completing my first year with a older surf boat, my first one I will give you other side of coin. First of all anything newer is expensive period, especially if your raising a family. Filling bags manually and all the crap that goes with it is a pain in the tush if you like to surf then just cruise up and down river like I do double pain in the tush. the ride is horrible with any lake chop and something that can be a issue on rougher lake. I boat on a river in AZ and a normal Saturday I can use boat in morning and that's about it, too rough rest of day, sure I'm sure there are 24 foot boats that ride ok, but just way to much coin. I have had ever boat under the sun besides a surf boat, lots of great options be sure you kids are really going to want to surf and go from there.
  2. Yes big cat, I think you are right. Now my next problem, deciding what boat I do want. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I love my 2003 and would love to keep her if I could get a solid goofy wave. any ideas how to improve wave with notched hull boat? I have tried ballast and shaper already.
  4. Im still trying with my 03 typhoon, last trip out I was only guy going goofy and the wave was almost un-rideable even with rope. I had 750 in each side on back, 2 guys port side seat, 2 girls up front, 250 mid, step was under water about 2" sitting still. Nuaticurl shaper. Wave was mushed out and not even fun.
  5. What was you exact set up? Last weekend in my 03 typhoon I couldn't even get a decent goofy wave to ride even with rope. I had 750 port, 750 goofy side, 3 people in back on seat side and 2 in front. rear step was about 3" under water just sitting, I think that may have been part of problem. Also running nuaticurl shaper, I think I need to make one with a offset so its under water more.
  6. Trim Tabs

    Might as well sell it to me then lol, my boat is all goofys.
  7. I had mine come on a few times this past weekend, after starting boat. Everything looked fine so I ran it.
  8. '09 Elite V C4: Best surf setup

    One other thing of note, board holder I had on boat wouldn't hold anything more then 1" thick, picked up next off of amazon and through it on top on Bimini, made a great board holder. I will have this thing dialed in by summer end lol.
  9. '09 Elite V C4: Best surf setup

    Yes I think I need a 800# also, neighbor has same boat and they only run a 800# on goofy side with no other ballast and a mission and free surf, but maybe me being 250 is hurting me some, I was going to take my beach surfboard next trip just to see if I could free ride. Still having a blast even on the rope, no one in boat wanted to go so I way over did it and was sore as hell on Monday lol.
  10. '09 Elite V C4: Best surf setup

    Got my rig out this past weekend, new 1911 prop worked sweet, Nauticurl seemed to work decent, I ahd my boat listed 2-3 on goofy side so I don't think I was getting shaper deep enough. only had 2 people in boat, 275# mid, 675#goofy and 400# on port and wave was so-so.
  11. '09 Elite V C4: Best surf setup

    I'm new to this scene and trying to learn whats best set up. I have the typhoon and had same issue with swell shaper. I just got a nauticurl to try along with a 1911 blade this weekend. I run 400 in rear locker and 675 in walk through compartment with a 250 in front and 250 mid. I through a 400 on rear floor didn't change anything. I guess I need more weight in rear put stock prop wouldn't allow me to anyways. I will stay on it until I dial it in and free surf.
  12. So what would be the cost to install? I have a 2003 typhoon.
  13. Trim Tabs

    Where did you order it from.
  14. Suck gate to trim tab

    Cool idea, I think I'm going to give it a try.
  15. When you say hydraulic trim tab, are we talking the little plate in center rear of hull?

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