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  1. 2019 S211 vs 2019 ZS232?

    Absolutely go ZS232. The S211 throws a pretty good wave, but really needs some PNP upgrades right out of the box to make it shine, especially with a light crew. Even then, I don't think it could hold a candle to something a 23' boat will put down wave wise. My only real BIG complaint on the S211 is that they put way to much space in the bow so the cockpit feels pretty tight even when you have 6 people in the boat. I could see that being an issue as your daughter gets older and wants to bring friends out that aren't so small anymore. I do like the looks of the S211 better however, inside and out. If I was in your situation I would absolutely go for the ZS232 without question, especially if you keep your boats a long time. I stayed with the 21' mainly because I could fit it in my garage without a problem and I could afford it, but I would love a few more feet.
  2. 2016 Supreme S226 Blistering

    My understanding was blistering happens because of defects that happen in the fiberglassing/gelcoat process and that it's not uncommon to happen to boats that have sat in the water for years as the gel coat wears, but for it to be happening on the scale that is is for 2 year old boats that see a few weeks of watter at a time seems wrong. I wonder if it has something to do with their vacuum infusion process not getting ther resin to completely saturate the outer layers of fiberglass and then makes it easy for water to get in through the gel. I don't recall anybody having these kind of issues on their Yamaha's back when I owned one and they are far cheaper boats. I had my Yamaha for 5 years and only ever saw one spot. I see plenty of these bigger boats without bottom paint that sit in all season and I have heard extremely little about blistering being a big issue. I think Supreme knows their is an issue with their process and is trying to skirt responsibility by claiming it is a normal occurance like it states in the manual. I am praying this isn't a plague for my new boat.
  3. 2016 s211 hd5I

    Are you positive you are good on fuel? The gauge on mine fluctuates wildly. If it is cranking, I am much less likely to believe it is an electrical issue. Is the lanyard still fully in place? I know on my old Yamaha the boat would crank, but not fire if the lanyard was removed. I fell for that one more than a couple of times.
  4. I noticed the 2019's advertise 3000lb of ballast but the 2017 S211's (and I think the 2018's too) only had 2700lbs? Did they put bigger rear bags in from the factory?
  5. S226 exhaust loud

    I am having a predicament with that too. I am coming from a Yamaha which sounds like butt compared to the throaty, beautiful V8 grumble so I really like to hear it sometimes, but it would be really nice to have it quieter when behind the boat. I just saw this with a quick search: Here is the site: https://www.wakegarage.com/projects-archive/exhaust-modifications/exhaust-mod-cav-plate-mod-r33/
  6. S238 P&P bags draining while surfing

    I believe the pumps are just on a timer so they are actually "dumb." To my knowledge there are no sensors telling the system whether there is water in the bags or not or what level that water is at. When I built the surf system on my Yamaha I used spring loaded check valves on the vent hoses, but that was mostly to prevent taking water into the bags from the sides (that boat didn't handle weight well and we often were out in choppy stuff). Most spring loaded check valves should have a "crack pressure" specification and I imagine there are some out there that you can get with a higher resistance to the crack pressure which might just do the trick, It would be a fine line to walk because you want a high enough crack pressure so that it won't allow ballast to dump when listed, but you want air to be able to escape without too much pressure inside the bag. You could maybe rig up an air vent valve on top of the bag for that purpose in addition to the vent/overflow hose.
  7. Octo tower 2017

    I figured out how they go on. Without the bimini brackets on the tower, my tower folds to it's lowest point to where it is supported by the tower cables without any issue. Both the old style, and new style bimini tower brackets contact the windshield where they attach to the tower so I don't see a great fix here except taking the bimini off is easier to do as long as you have two people. I wouldn't spend the money on replacing the old style. I don't understand why they didn't just start moving the towers back one inch after they saw this problem. All it would take is about an inch. Assuming you have the clearance, I think the cables that support the tower when it is folded should be able to be adjusted so that they don't allow the tower to come down to the point where it hits the windshield. Some of the Yamaha boat guys did this on their towers to allow them to collapse farther. They are probably a mean woman to get to though.
  8. Let's See Your Rides

    2018 S211 behind my 2017 Ram 1500.
  9. Octo tower 2017

    Does anybody have a pic of the updated brackets installed. I just found the parts wrapped up in my bimini on my new boat, but no instructions on how it goes together.
  10. Boat Lift Setup

    I'm trying to configure my Shorestation lift for my new S211. It's a 5000lb capacity lift so it should be fine on weight, but with the bunks fully extended above the cradle, the boat hangs off the back of the bunks almost 2' to the end of the hull. I cant go much further without the prop shaft contacting the cradle. Do you think this is okay for the time being until I can figure out if I can get longer or higher bunks?
  11. I just brought home my 2018 Supreme S211 and while towing her home I was getting increasingly concerned about the very pronounce thud on acceleration. It isn't just a little play in the receiver. I just sold my Yamaha which had surge brakes on it too and it never did that, but it was also only half the weight of this beast. Are the rest of you experiencing this too or should I be concerned?

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