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  1. Can you put seadek on a teak wood swim deck?
  2. On my "02 Avalanche series III I have water in my v-drive. I think I've narrowed down where the water is coming from. On the top of the v-drive sea water comes in, cools the v-drive oil (via a small cooling tube) and the heads to the impeller. On the top of the v-drive is also the dip stick. This passes through the v-drive cover. I removed the cover to troubleshoot a flow problem I was having with a fake lake (different problem). Before I reinstalled the cover, cleaned the matting surfaces and used some RTV gasket maker to replace the gasket I destroyed. Checked for water leaks next time out and no water leaks... GREAT! Well, not so great. I was so focussed on preventing water from leaking, I forgot to ensure no water got into the dipstick hole. As I was checking fluids before our next trip, I noticed my v-drive oil was milky. So I drained it...a lot of it! Filled and drained it again. Oil started clearing up so I filled it a third time and now just waiting for the weekend to go run it again. Other posts I've read have said it takes 5-6 times out and flushing before the oil will be normal. I'm ok with that (I've become a pro at filling and draining!). My question is do I need to be worried about bearings, bearing surfaces, bare surfaces rusting inside the v-drive? Do need to have my v-drive rebuilt? Or have others had similar experiences and after flushing ran with it without a problem? V-drive seems to run just fine right now....thanks for help!
  3. I'm looking to do the same thing with my '02 Avy. My plan is to run a separate fuse block from the battery up under the dash and run all new wire. This will give me expandability later. I will run a 100amp inline circuit breaker between the battery and the new fuse block to protect my battery. I have a common ground under my dash that I will tie into for the fuse block ground. From there, just run power and ground to the gauge. Scariest part for me is drilling a hole in the hull! I'm having nightmares about it! :-P But I have a great spot picked out in my v drive compartment with easy access and plenty of room to work.
  4. I know this topic is old but I had some wicked engine noise coming through my speakers. And I'd getting buzzing if I actuated any other electronics (blower pump, rear hatch, etc). I separated my speaker wires as best I could from battery and other power wires, ensured ground from amp was ran directly to battery and still not fix. I finally ran a separate ground for my stereo unit and ALL BACKGROUND NOISE WAS GONE!!!! I was so stoked!! So for anyone out there trouble shooting background noise (engine noise) make sure both your amp and stereo unit (some call it head unit) are grounded directly to the battery and nog through a fuse block.
  5. I have on '02 Avalanche storm series 3. I have one gauge on the dash for the center ballast tank and bags on both the left and right side. All are filled by ballast pumps wired into my switch console. I can tell when the center tank is empty (via the gauge) but really have no way to tell if the bags on the left and right are empty. I read here and other places how its bad to run ballast pumps without water. But when emptying the side bags how would I know when to turn them off?

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