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  1. I’m new to this group and my family just got an fi23 and we took it out for the first time yesterday. It drove great for the first 15 min then it wouldn’t go back into gear. This was the first time on the lake, the boat just continues to act like it’s in neutral. We are on vacation right now and we contacted the dealer and they can’t figure it out from where we’re at. Just want to see if anyone has any insight or any experiences with this! Hope someone has a solution! Please help if you know anything!
  2. Fi23 Mods

    Hello, I am new to the group and can’t find where to start a new post. My family just purchased a 2019 Fi23 and took it out for the first time and it drove great for about 15 minutes. We dropped everything off at the beach and we went to go back out and the boat won’t go in gear. We put it in neutral and then took it out and put it into gear but it just continued to act like it was in neutral. We have talked to the dealer and I think they called the manufacturer but just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this! Thank you for any advise or experience you have had!

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