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  1. Hi there, I am new to this forum, and new to inboard boats in general. I have grown up on the lake my entire life, and love livin' the lake life. For years my family and I have enjoyed water skiing, slaloming, and wake boarding. We spend many hours on the water in the summer, and get out most every day. These activities have been mostly restricted to be towed by an I/O or a jet ski. Last year we surfed and wake boarded a few times on a friends Super Air Nautique 210. Needless to say were got the itch to up our game. We've done a lot of boat shopping the last few months. The research I've found convinces me that Supreme and Centurion have the best system on the market, considering fuel efficiency, big wave, and affordability (for Supreme at least). A dealer in our area has a 2011 Supreme V226. It has 475 hours, is clean inside and out, and has been serviced by the same dealer. I have seen videos and know the amazing surf wave its capable of producing. How solid is the engine and transmission on this model? I believe it has the Mercruiser Scorpion. How many hours should it be expected to go without major repair? How good of a boat company was Supreme then, considering now they are apart of Correct Craft? What other things should I be skeptical of about this model? The dealer also has a 2018 Supreme S226. However, living in Minnesota it comes with a heft price tag, especially when the lake is froze 6 months of the year. We would like to learn to wake surf, and progress wake boarding. Not planning on competing, just enjoy getting out often. On another note, we are also considering a Yamaha jet boat, 2018 212X, because of its versatility. Thoughts on this? Sorry for the many questions, but I would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance!
  2. 2011 Supreme V226

    $60k was the budget. Also need a new lift to go with the boat. Don't want something with bad resale value in a few years though, so would consider stretching for a new one.

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