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  1. 2019 Supreme s238


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    2019 Supreme S238 with all available options $78,000 Located in Palm Harbor FL Moving off the lake and back onto Salt Water, this boat has never been in salt and is 3 months old. Just had the 20 hour service completed. Comes with 1000 pounds of lead sacs and 3 extra ballast bags for when you only have 1 or 2 people in the boat. Also comes with 3 surf boards, ropes, tube and life vests. Boat is black and white but I don't have many pics and it is currently in my warehouse. Chris at 813-695-6754


  2. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    Added a 370 pound bag, getting better but its a lot of weight. Wave seems best when all the ballast i=s full plus another 500 pounds of people.
  3. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    Tried running surf tabs at everything from 100 to 60 and stinger we play with quite a bit. We fill all available ballast, the 2019 has upgraded bags that take up the whole locker (can't remember what they are). we have the bow bag, bow tank, 2 QF tanks and 2 PnP bags (everything they offer). Lead is 250 under each PnP in rear, 100 in each midship locker under 260 pound midship bags and 300 pounds on top of the back of the boat above the PnP bags of surf side.Speed varies but 10.8 on regular side and 11 - 11.2 on Goofy side. we don't bring many people and sometimes there's just myself and wife. Chris at 813-695-6754
  4. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    The 2019 has new and larger rear plug and play bags so I shouldn't need to upgrade them. I added a 260 pound water sac on each side under the bench seats midship. we have 100 pounds of lead under each of those placed towards the rear. 250 pounds of lead under each rear plug and play in back in the corners. 300 pounds of lead that we put on the back of the boat on the surf side above the plug and play bag lockers. all available ballast full but we rarely have more than myself, my wife and one or 2 of our daughters in the boat. I surf goofy and weight 220. seems like we need more weights but damn... 1000 pounds of lead and 500 of added bags should be enough. Went out today with just the wife and we couldn't even let go of the rope. If anyone wants to call me its Chris at 813-695-6754.
  5. Just got a new 2019 S238 with all available ballast and an additional 1000 pounds of lead bags. Having a hard time getting push out of the wave. Anyone want to share their settings?

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