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    Here’s a 19! Love it! Would definitely recommend a Centurion!
  2. New Fi25

    Thanks Hein! Since you have family out here let me know if you ever make it out this way! Yeah I love the black but I am having it ceramic coated this week. It was a custom order to match my truck but we brought it home with the Suburban because the whole family came with me to pick it up and we don’t all fit in my truck anymore. That was due to an awesome little surprise in January. 😂 We are going out in a couple weeks for the first try and will see how it goes. This is actually our first boat so really excited but a little nervous too. I used to wakeboard a fair amount way back but I have never surfed. We got all the gear and are going to give it a shot! I probably won’t be the most help on settings until I figure out how to surf but if I get a killer wave I will let you know! Thanks for sharing the info and I will do my best to help anyway I can.
  3. New Fi25

    Nice boat Hein! We just joined the Centurion and FI 25 family ourselves!

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