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  1. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    ZS232. Thanks for the help I'll take any I can get. I'll try it out this weekend and let you know how it goes.
  2. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    Have had the boat for a month or so. The dealer had the flu when we took delivery so he didn't come out to show us anything at the time, we were so excited we didn't want to wait. Every factory ballast option and no lead. There are 9 different ballasts on the screen. We started off filling everything except the bow. I have been backing off now on the 2 drivers side tanks to about 50%. Quicksurf at 80. Everyone surfs regular so not sure about goofy side yet. Usually have about 4-6 people in the boat. At first we were surfing a little faster (12.5 or so) but have since come down to around the same speed.
  3. 2019 S238 Surf Wake Settings

    I have been going through this learning process myself the last month. I find that I have to adjust the stinger quite a bit during a session. I start with it around 20 for each rider and then bring it down if I feel like the nose needs to come down. It isn't really a set it and forget it thing. I also never feel like I need weight in the front, I just just prefer to use the stinger to bring it down. What speed are you surfing at?
  4. Zs232 opinions

    We are very happy with our ZS so far. Went to the boat show in Orlando and spent hours going back and forth to all the different manufacturers and ended up in the ZS. As h20king said above it in no way feels like a budget boat.
  5. Let's See Your Rides

    Took delivery of our ZS232 a couple weeks ago.

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