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  1. Thanks guys. I’m in Quebec , Canada and looking into the shipping costs from the States. Maybe some more local boats will be up for sale closer to the season. Still lots of snow around and the mindset for boating just isn’t there yet. Ill keep updating. Chis
  2. Thanks h20king, The only one I could find is a 2006 Cyclone C4; low hours in great shape. Owner says it is good for skiing. You guys are the experts on this, what d’ya think? chris
  3. Looking for a good Centurion crossover V-drive that will still be decent for slalom skiing; no course just open water recreational skiing. Can anyone make a suggestion for which Centurion under $30k might fit the bill? Thanks everyone, Chris
  4. I really should spellcheck before submitting...
  5. Hello everyone, new member here but hoping be a fellow Supreme owner and forum contributor. I have a line on a 2008 Ski Supreme V220 with low hours and in great shape. I have been looking for a crossover V-drive that will also be good for slalom skiing. Just open water fun skiing, no courses. I have searched for the info but no real definitive answer. Hence, coming here to ask the guys who would know. Anyone who could advise me if the V220 would be okay for skiing? I'm getting up there i years so the type of wake is important to preserve the old body. Any have any insight into the type of skiing wake this boat will throw out? Mush appreciated... Chris

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