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  1. Pss shaft seal install

    I see this is an old thread by H20king but as a new owner of a used '09 Elite V, unfortunately I need to replace this seal. It's leaking a lot. Does this do harm to keep using it? The bilge runs about every 25-30 min while sitting. Would adding grease slow the leak down? When I do change to the new PSS seal, why do I change from the current water supply (tube from exhaust riser) to the 1" T-stat hose? Also, why does the prop come off? Does the shaft need to slide back more than the prop will allow?
  2. New owner of a 2009 elite v air warrior and just joined the forum. I'm wondering if someone can tell me if this boat should have an hour meter or not. Dealer told me it doesn't but I would think a boat like this would surely have one.

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