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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I just purchased a 2019 Ri257... picking up next week. I'm looking at boat lifts, and am not sure on sizing... looking for advice. I'm deciding between the Floe VSD-8000 and VSD-10000. The dry weight of the boat is 6150 lbs. I called the maufacturer and they stated that includes everything dry (including tower) except the oil/gas. I'm not sure if ballast bags/stereo equipment, etc is included. This seems to me, final weight might be pushing 7500-8000 lbs with everything, and Floe says to size with 85% capacity on the lift. There's some options on the 8000 lb lift like AC winch and full length bunks (and maybe canopy extensions for 34' canopy?) that I do'n't believe are available on the 10k lift. Dealer says I could get away with a 8000 lb lift. There's > $10,000 difference between the 8 and 10k lb lift. I want it to be reliable enough though, and not have to worry about it. Recommendations from all of you on whether to get a 8000 or 10000 lb lift, (if 8000, whether to get full-length bunks or cradle bunks) and experience with weights of the Ri257? Thanks,
  2. Newbie here - ‘02 Elite V C4 - wondering about bunk height for proper shaft clearance for those of you that have boat lifts. I’m planning on switching our boat house bunks from pontoon configuration over to a V-drive setup for our Centurion. Plan is to place (2) 2x12x14 treated boards screwed together and mounted on end, resting on the lift’s cross-cradle as a bunk. I’m putting a 10 degree cut on the top of the 2x12’s to provide some angle, and cover that 3” edge profile w/ synthetic gator bunk cover. Wow, four of those treated 2x12x14’s weigh close to 300#! I’ve seen Mastercraft boat lift setup similar w/ 2x10’s. Are my 2x12’s overkill?
  3. Everyone, Will post pics this weekend. I live on a river that fluctuates between 10-15 feet where we surf. We can tell a huge difference when we hit a shallower spot. Right now, our standard setup is a 2008 Enzo with 3-4 people in the back of the boat with an enzo sac filled. I've tried adding bags on the seats but hate having ballast showing. I've read a lot about assymetrical plates but don't want to do anything that will affect the boat at all speeds as we like to wakeboard and slalom behind the boat as well. Starboard side still has stock, hard tank. Any advice for getting the wave better. It's certainly better than our 1997 MC with fat sacs but there are way too many great pictures and videos here of long waves with tons of push to not be jealous. Second question: what upgrades do you suggest: it has a tower (no speakers which I am OK with) and standard stereo system, PP, ballast puppy pump sac and extra small pumps to increase speed of emptying the ballast. The ballast takes about 10-15 minutes to fill completely. Fuel gauge is not working and the floor above the tank is screwed in (I can't believe they didn't use bolts!!!) so that is my next project to fix. I don't like the tower, takes at least 2 people and blocks the side of the boat for getting on and off at the lift. Lot's of info here but I am sure everyone can agree that as soon as you buy a boat, you want to make it absolutely perfect! Thanks in advance!
  4. Anybody know we're to get hard mid ballast tank for this year and some ideas to weight for surf
  5. I know this is a very broad question, but I'm thinking of pulling the lame 360lb bag on the port and upping it to 1100... we have the space. We're in a 1998 Elite and both port and starboard bags are 350 with the left locker having probably a 400 to 450 pup. Our wake is not what you'd call "competitive" but we're trying to get it as large as possible with what we have. I saw how wiggles cleaned up his wake on his old 98 with a ski fin attached to the wake plate... which seems like a super cheap mod. but we're shooting for larger volume, so I guess I'll do the math and see what the boat can handle, but based on the size of the locker we're going to up that port side, just can't decide on how "big". I put 160lbs of lead weights in the rear port and it helps it get into the "lean" but it's far from hitting the rub bar. Photo is me testing for leaks on the 350 bag, which is pathetically undersized for the locker.

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