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Found 6 results

  1. There may be a thread out there addressing this so redirect me if this horse has been beaten.... Looking for how folks have setup pre-surf system era boats to get the best wave. My boat is 21' 6'' long and 93 inches across. I have a 200 lb. built in ballast running up the middle and a 250lb tank in each V Drive locker also built into the boat. There is generally 250 lbs. of sandbags in the bow that can be thrown around as needed depending on whether we are wakeboarding or surfing. I keep 100 lbs. of lead on board at all times for small adjustments. I have a DIY surf shaper and am also trying to determine how to best use that new device. To answer the obvious question: I am open to getting more ballast in any form/shape/size. I really want to know how to most to effectively place it within the boat to maximize the wave my smaller boat can throw out. Looking for very specific setups and pics if possible...
  2. The internet is awash with how-to's for DIY wave shapers that all more or less have the same fatal flaw......they are based on mounting bracket platform that cause a 90* angle. I tried two iterations (90* and 70*?) of my wedge with this platform unsuccessfully prior to trying a new design. Effect on the wave was awesome (regular and goofy) but the hard angle applies too much pressure to the suction cups and struggles to stay on for the length of a surf session. Riding through other boats chop really seemed to unsettle the suction cups. Pic below is my original design with standard 90* angle. No pictures of the 2nd iteration. I'll be adding photos and process of my next iteration for a <$40 wave shaper with pictures, parts, and assembly directions. Who else out there has built one and what did you do better/differently? Floating attachments? Better suction cups? Etc.?
  3. Surf setup

    We just bought a S238 and we have put about 10 hours on it trying to tune in the best Surf wave. I have not found the perfect wave yet. I have tried running full capacity of everything in the boat( hard tanks, two bags in the back and the bow bag) with the quick surf tab and the wave looked good but didnt have the push. felt very soft while riding. Then i took all the weight out of the bow to see if i could get a higher firmer wave and that didnt seem to help much either. We are new to Surfing but plan to be doing A LOT of it this summer and i need to figure this out. Anyone found the secret recipe for weight/location of the weight speed ect. on this awesome boat? Thanks for the help a head of time.
  4. Hey all, new boat owner and happy to be part of the Centurion family. Just purchased a 2016 Centurion Enzo SV244 a month ago and have about 42 hrs on it. Getting a GREAT surf wave for left foot forward surfers (which is nice because everyone in my family surfs that side) but REALLY struggling to get a good enough wave with some push for my goofy footed friends. Kind of frustrating, seeing that my goofy footed friends have all wrigged up their much older boats and have a much better goofy wave. The wave is clean but I just can't seem to get it steep enough and definitely does not have the curl like my regular side. Any recommendations for setup? (CATS, Tabs, QuickSurf, etc) Spent an hour last night just tinkering with all of the different settings and still can't get a great wave. Thanks
  5. I'll cover all cost for the trade ? tranny , vdrive and prop✌️I'll cover shipping Let's do it
  6. Lets see those WAVES regular goofy ? both sides name your boat and weight!!! SURFS UP 2011 ENZO SV230 3000+lbs or somethin like that

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