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Found 5 results

  1. The internet is awash with how-to's for DIY wave shapers that all more or less have the same fatal flaw......they are based on mounting bracket platform that cause a 90* angle. I tried two iterations (90* and 70*?) of my wedge with this platform unsuccessfully prior to trying a new design. Effect on the wave was awesome (regular and goofy) but the hard angle applies too much pressure to the suction cups and struggles to stay on for the length of a surf session. Riding through other boats chop really seemed to unsettle the suction cups. Pic below is my original design with standard 90* angle. No pictures of the 2nd iteration. I'll be adding photos and process of my next iteration for a <$40 wave shaper with pictures, parts, and assembly directions. Who else out there has built one and what did you do better/differently? Floating attachments? Better suction cups? Etc.?
  2. Has anyone tried the 2017 Eight.3 Ronix Wakesurf Shaper on a 2016/17 S238 Supreme. I'm wondering if they are worth the investment and curious about the reliability/durability of the Velcro attachment system? Also do they work and improve an already decent wake for wakesurfing? They aren't cheap once bought in CDN $! :-( https://www.wakemakers.com/eight3-wakesurf-shaper.html Cheers....Blair
  3. I have a 2010 Enzo (SV 240), and I’ve traditionally listed the boat and gotten a killer port-side wave, but I could never get a good goofy wave. So I have been trying the Mission Delta, and I need help. I tried the Delta with all of the weight evenly distributed, but found that the device works better on my boat with some listing. With listing, I can get a pretty good goofy wave but I need to go 13.6 mph to get the wave to clean up. It’s long, but I have to be full-throttle on the surfboard to keep up with the wave. My regular-side wave shapes up nicely at 11.2 mph. Questions: Has anyone had great success surfing the goofy side using the Delta (assuming you have an Enzo with the standard prop rotation)? If so, how do you set the boat up? Have you found more luck with one of the other suction cup devices? Do you put lead in the rear storage compartments (I used to do this before I started trying the Delta) Do you have any photos of your wave? Here’s my setup to surf the goofy side: Bow: 590 lbs (350lbs sac and 240lbs lead evenly distributed) Center tank: full Rear storage: 1400lb Enzo sacks on each side – 100% full on goofy (starboard) side, 70% full on port side. Listing weight: 720 lbs lead on goofy side (360lbs on rear seat on goofy side, 360lbs lead behind driver’s seat) Thanks!
  4. I've been scouring this forum to find as many goofy wave video, pics and setups, and can't find that many. I figured it'd be cool to start a thread where people can show off their goofy wave and what their setup is. It could also help any newcomers or others trying to get their goofy wave setup the best they can.
  5. Has anyone tried the Mission Delta on an older Ski Centurion? I would love to hear what people think.

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