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Found 7 results

  1. It appears the Vdrive portion of my powerplus vdrive transmission is failing. I developed a high pitched squeal while surfing. I can make it recur when I start to increase engine RPM. The vdrive fluid at the beginning of the season looked great but was low (about 1/2 qt) when I inspected it this past weekend. The gasket appears to be leaking. I presumed the staining of lubricant in the engine bay was a result of a faulty oil filter last year. It was a pain cleaning the engine oil in its entirety and I errantly assumed it was more of the same. Boy was I wrong. The transmission portion appears to be good. I will attempt the fix personally as most dealerships are probably packed with repairs etc and I don't want to be without a boat the remainder of the summer season. Anyone know if someone rebuilds these things. I found a replacement at Skidim that will require a couple of washers and an adapter bracket. The shape of the mounting bosses have changed. It does not appear to be complicated provided the bolts and nuts cooperate. Considering the vdrive oil is so easy to check I will likely do this at least every other weekend going forward. Complacency appears to have won this round.
  2. Hello all, I'm needing some guidance. I just recently purchased my first boat. It's a 2007 Centurion Typhoon C4 with the PCM Excalibur 330 and the PCM vdrive and transmission. I have a dash light that I believe is for the vdrive. It will randomly light up. It's at different RPMs. Sometimes I will be cruising at 3200rpm and it will be off then on then off again. Where is the pressure sensor located? I've tried the upload the pics but having some trouble with the sizing and I can't seem to link it either. Thanks for any help.
  3. Anyone, Yesterday we were out wake surfing and suddenly the engine gave a screeching noise as if a belt was slipping and immediately I throttled to neutral. All gauge readings were normal with nothing unusual. The belt looks normal. No funny smells, sounds or vibrations. The vdrive gear oil has a normal color and level but the housing/case was hot. I seem to recall touching it in the past and it was much cooler than I had anticipated. I assume since the engine temp is running normal (163) that water is flowing properly through the vdrive to cool the unit. Am I recalling incorrectly the vdrive housing being only warm in the past and not HOT? I could hold my hand on the casing about 3 seconds before thinking youser that's kinda hot.
  4. Walter V Drive leaking oil

    Ok for those of you who's vdrives are leaking but you want to make sure FIRST it needs removed. Here is some info I got from the vdrive manufacturer... He stated that a vdrive shouldn't leak from any orifice by design and if it does, follow these steps to find the culprit... It should only need pulled to replace the main seal to the shaft if damaged and leaking a drip ever second.. All this is hand tighten specs.. 1. Wipe the vdrive and floor under completely free of oil. 2. Make sure all oil plugs and hoses are tight. 3. Make sure the 4 9/16 pan bolts are tight. Easiest to use a wench for most of this. 4. Make sure all coupler bolts are tight. 5. make sure all top pan bolts are tight. 6. Make sure the 4 bolts of the shaft plate are tight... 7. Check oil level and correct then re-wipe down the vdrive. 8. (Optional) place a white piece of paper under drive and let sit for a day or so to see if you found the culprit.. He said you should check them at the beginning of EVERY season.. This fixed my severe leak issue, I passed it onto a couple other crew members and it worked for them. Saving the hassle of pulling the vdrive or the expense... I hope this helps some with minor/major oil leaks that were noticed in the bilge stemming from the vdrive...
  5. So it appears that I have developed an oil leak somewhere on my V-drive. It's difficult to pinpoint where exactly it is coming from. I believe, and my fingers are crossed that it is coming from the pan seal. Actually, it'd be awesome if it were just a loose drain bolt or something, but I'm being slightly more realistic. There has not been any issues with this boat for the previous 4 years that I've owned it. I believe the issue may have started because of sitting water in the bilge in the fall may have deteriorated the seal. My driveway slopes down to the street so the boat sits bow down. Anyway, I've searched high and low for a thread on replacing this seal, but have had no luck. After talking with Duramatt, he said a few fellow crew members have had similar issues. Any knowledge on this issue would be greatly appreciated. If it's not the pan seal... how much of a PITA is it to remove the V-drive? Does it actually need to be removed to fix the seal!?
  6. Hello, I own a 2008 Enzo SV 220. Recently I have been having an issue with the boat slipping under a load (surfing) or accelerating hard. The engine compartment recently had quite a bit of water in it. We had a big rain storm and for some reason the bilge was not pumping out any water? From looking at posts on this site sounds like I may have water in the transmission oil and/or the Vdrive. Does my boat have a Vdrive and a transmission. The boat is 3 hours away and I need to pick up fluids in the city here. Can some body let me know what transmission oil I need and what fluid for the Vdrive? (Walter). Am I on the right track here. Is this actually my issue? Boat only has 120 hrs. Thanks for responses. Mike
  7. I was under the boat this afternoon and found the 6 allen head bolts that go into the fiberglass and attach to the drive shaft housing we loose.I tried to tighten which it looks like they will but I am unsure what the torque is on these small bolts. It also seems that I might have to hold a wrench on the top side. Anyone have any hints or have come across the same type problems.

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