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  1. I have been combing through the forums trying to find a good project log of a start to finish stereo overhaul. The numerous threads out there have all given me a better understanding of the workings of speakers, amps, subs, but I still had a few more questions. BASELINE: Sony receiver with built-in amp mounted by steering wheel. 4 in-boat Skylon speakers that came stock on my 2009 Elite V C4. I do not know any details on the existing system and have contacted Fineline for some specs on what was included with this model. Newer smart phones will only connect through AUX cord in the receiver and I would like to upgrade to a receiver with Bluetooth for less cables running through the helm. OBJECTIVE: I am not worried about blasting music 70' back to a wakeboarder at the end of the line. This is 90% to achieve better in boat audio when at running speed. The existing four speakers have to be cranked all the way to hear while running for those in the main cabin to hear the tunes. Bow hears virtually nothing. I'd like for cabin to be much higher quality without turning the system all the way up in addition to adding 2 speakers to the open bow for those passengers enjoyment. 10% concern: Down the road I want to consider tower speakers so our surfers can enjoy the tunes with better quality as well. Summary: Replace existing receiver with one that allows for bluetooth connection, replace existing 4 in-boat speakers in main cabin with 4 higher output speakers w/ LED, install two bow speakers of equal output w/ LED, add amp for sufficient power for 6 speakers. Questions: Which receiver are people using with good experience? Any benefit to having the same brand amps, speakers as the receiver? Only need is bluetooth functionality. I've read guidance on proper amp power all suggesting 1.5-2x channel power for RMS rating of speakers being used. I would love guidance on how many channels are appropriate for what is essentially a 6 speakers system with no tower speakers or subwoofers. When thinking about expanding the system in the future, how will adding tower speakers play a role in amp selection (more channels)? Rev 10's are the most suggested tower speakers on the forum, what is a proper in boat speaker? I do not need the best sounding boat on the lake, just simply an upgrade to not feel like my existing speaker are going to blow every time we want to hear our music clearly when running 20mph+. I am reasonably hands on and have a climate controlled storage area with which to do these changes myself over the winter. Is cutting in two speaker holes for the bow and installing myself (w/ a partner) a reality? Suggestions are welcome for specific tools for cutting, installation tips, etc. What are the increased battery needs of the system? I am going to also be installing a 2nd battery with perco switch and am thinking about whether any components should run off their own battery. Any comments are welcome and appreciated! JDG
  2. In the various upgrade threads I've been reading I haven't found anything that answered these questions. The Avy and the Tige 24V are the two possible boats that I'm looking to upgrade to next, and I know the older versions of either of these boats (I'd be buying 2003-2005ish to stay in my price range) have small ballast systems stock. With this in mind, I came across an '03 Avy ad the other day and looking closer at the stock ballast drain location on the starboard side it seems that the 3 exit holes are really close together. If I was going with an aerator pump upgrade instead of switching to an impeller system, is it possible to enlarge those drain holes to support a bigger pump and hose or are they too close together for that? Additionally, would it just be plug-and-play to swap in new bigger pumps and hoses re-using the stock switches or are electrical upgrades needed to support that as well? I'd be wanting to go with Rule 17A (3700gph) pumps to fill the Enzo sacks that would be installed.
  3. Everyone, Will post pics this weekend. I live on a river that fluctuates between 10-15 feet where we surf. We can tell a huge difference when we hit a shallower spot. Right now, our standard setup is a 2008 Enzo with 3-4 people in the back of the boat with an enzo sac filled. I've tried adding bags on the seats but hate having ballast showing. I've read a lot about assymetrical plates but don't want to do anything that will affect the boat at all speeds as we like to wakeboard and slalom behind the boat as well. Starboard side still has stock, hard tank. Any advice for getting the wave better. It's certainly better than our 1997 MC with fat sacs but there are way too many great pictures and videos here of long waves with tons of push to not be jealous. Second question: what upgrades do you suggest: it has a tower (no speakers which I am OK with) and standard stereo system, PP, ballast puppy pump sac and extra small pumps to increase speed of emptying the ballast. The ballast takes about 10-15 minutes to fill completely. Fuel gauge is not working and the floor above the tank is screwed in (I can't believe they didn't use bolts!!!) so that is my next project to fix. I don't like the tower, takes at least 2 people and blocks the side of the boat for getting on and off at the lift. Lot's of info here but I am sure everyone can agree that as soon as you buy a boat, you want to make it absolutely perfect! Thanks in advance!
  4. So I have spent the majority of the day reading through just about every post on ballast upgrades and decided to tackle a first draft of some plans to upgrade my factory ballast for surfing. The boat is a 2007 Avalanche with the walk-through transom and I plan to only surf the port side but will also still wakeboard. It is a Storm Series, and has the hard Port and Center, and bag under the walk-through. There is one fill pump that goes to 3 diverter valves in the back for independant control, and each ballast has an independant drain pump. My goal was to maximize the existing factory system while upgrading and adding to it using all of the information that I've read through on this site and some of the other external blogs about Avalanche ballast upgrades. The attached is what I think I would start out with to upgrade the pre-piped factory system. Once I get to surfing and see what this shapes up to be, some of the other ideas I would encorporate would be additional sacs on the seats, brick on the platform, etc. Anyone care to offer feedback or thoughts on this? Seems inline with the general consensus and what folks have recommended. 2007 Avy Ballast Upgrade Design.pdf
  5. Ok, so I've got two lists: One for the things I'm fairly certain I will do. The other is open for discussion, encouragement, ridicule, and general shenanigans. Stuff I'm pretty certain I will do between now and next summer (starting with the boring ones): Re-pack the bearings in the tensioner and idler pulleys. I replaced them once, grease is cheap. Replace the impeller. Replace the Switchblade rams (they're starting to slip occasionally). Upgrade to dedicated reversible ballast pumps with 1" lines. Replace the paddle wheel with the Nautic Logic GPS unit in my PP, although getting comfortable with RPM mode almost exclusively has made this need much less urgent. Garboard drain light - surfing under the full moon is nice, but having the wave lit up would make it WAY better. Replace the carpet on the trailer bunks. Replace and bleed the brake fluid on the trailer. Stuff I'm considering doing at some point, could be sooner than later: Sporty Bubble - I think I want this one. Install a lengthened wakeplate per James Harold's experience documented a couple of years ago. Replace the exhaust flaps with baffle tips - No FAE, we have a Switchblade. But even a little quieter would be nice. Not sure it's worth the dollars. Stereo upgrade: Right now we're on the stock in-boats with a cheap amp. I don't want to get crazy, but I'm thinking a sub and two pair of Icon 8's. Of course, new amps. Thinking keep the existing in-boats (I believe Kickers). Am I crazy? (Disclaimer - I know VERY little about audio). Also the 420 EQ would be super nifty for instructing people surfing (and generally being bossy). Prepping and spraying the keel with new gelcoat. I've got two thirds of a quart that will go bad anyway. My keel is a bit scratched up from sandy and not-so-sandy beachings; nothing major, but I'm picky.

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