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Found 6 results

  1. I just bought an '07 Centurion Typhoon C4 with the Evolution tower. I'm trying to find an oem style bimini top. I'm told the company that made them originally went out of business but there are companies that make replacements. I know it will be expensive but if anyone can point me in the right direction to find one I'd much appreciate it!
  2. Just picked up my 2007 c4 typhoon after coming off a natique SuperSport because it’s 2’ longer, and a 1’ wider w/ built in ballast. we are very excited but noticed a couple of things and wanted to see if others made modifications, or if it has been an issue at all for the crew: 1) it only has a single battery: which so does my truck so big deal right? But all other boats I’ve been on have had a starting battery and an accessory battery. This way you could switch the battery to just acc and Moore your boat listing to music w/o worrying about a dead battery - is this something I should have wired in? also 2) it doesn’t seem to have a float bilge just a standard bilge. My old boat had 2 bilge a manual bilge and a float bilge that would kick on if water reached a certain level in the compartment that I could always leave on so that when I left the boat moored at the slip I wouldn’t have to worry about a storm if the cover blew off etc am I over thinking this? - thanks!!!
  3. Hi All, I have a 2002 Typhoon Storm Series 1, i think. Not sure what the difference between the storm series' were. I have a center factory ballast, trim tab, and no perfect pass. The boat has a walk-through from the transom on the starboard side. I currently have a 1000lb fat sac in the port side rear locker but no other bags. I'm thinking of also using a wake shaper too. Does anyone have any experience with a similar set up?
  4. Wanted to share some surf info for the older Typhoons and Concourses with the stepped hull/cut away hull. I believe they were built from 2001 until 2005. Found a great surfing set up today that worked awesome for surfing the port side. Probably the best wave I have found so far. I am 235 lbs so the wave needs to be good for me to free surf, and I could have surfed that wave all day. Lots of push with a nice pocket. I was surfing my old Obrian TT. Wish I would have had the Phase 5 with me, but I will give that a try in a few days. Lots of forgiveness, and easy enough to recover if you got a little far back. I have tried many options from more weight in the port locker to more weight on/under the port side seats. Today I had less weight than I normally use and it worked way better. Even when I added a few more pounds in the port locker or port side seat, it made things worse. Weight Set up with people or ballast: Port locker/deck 900 lbs Port seat 175 - 200 lbs Center tank 250 lbs Bow adjust as needed I had approximately 350 lbs Plus driver I ran 500 lbs in the port locker and two guys sitting on the back deck port side (Total of approximately 900 lbs) 1 guy sitting in the back port corner seat at 175 lbs. 250 lbs in the center hull tank. 350 lbs in the bow. I have a ballast bag under the filler cushion in the bow I can adjust as needed. Needed approximately 170 lb ballast plus 1 person at 180 lbs) Running 10 - 11 mph Hope this helps out my fellow Typhoon and Concourse owners with the cut away/stepped hull. I look forward to hearing from other older Typhoon/Concourse owners. Keep on Surfing.
  5. Good afternoon friends- I am looking at purchasing a new boat trailer and came across a '17 Boatmate that was designed for an '03 Typhoon. I currently have a 2005 Elite C4. What are your thoughts for fitment? I am going to call Boatmate today, but ultimately I'm sure they will elude to buying a new custom trailer from them. Before I waste the sellers time, I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thanks so very much ahead of time.
  6. Hello, I am selling my 99 Malibu Sunseter VLX with SV23 Wake Hull (same hull as Wakesetter till 2005) for a budget surf boat. I currently have my boat set-up with 600#'s in each rear corner, 500# in front under bow seating, and surf gates. The boat does produce a good wave that is easily surfed ropeless on a smaller board… but I want a much better wave! I need a boat that will throw a great goofy wave, be more comfortable in the chop, and more spacious. I have narrowed the search down to the Avalanche C4, an Enzo with reversed prop rotation (I have seen many of these around the same price as the Avalanche C4), and some Tige models such as the 22V, and maybe an RZ2. My budget is up to 39000. Since my wife will be driving and is comfortable driving a balanced weighted boat, I don't want to have to list the boat to extreme angles to get great results. That will freak my wife out! Have any recommendations?? Thanks guys!

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