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Found 5 results

  1. I just brought home my 2018 Supreme S211 and while towing her home I was getting increasingly concerned about the very pronounce thud on acceleration. It isn't just a little play in the receiver. I just sold my Yamaha which had surge brakes on it too and it never did that, but it was also only half the weight of this beast. Are the rest of you experiencing this too or should I be concerned?
  2. Who has there boat ready!? I am in DC MD area! Water is still low 50s? I also found out I am in need of a new trailer! My axel is cracking in middle and it's bending behind both tires on frame! Rusted our! If anyone has a trailer for an Elite V 21 ft aprox or one that would fit let me know please! I ha e checked CL! Ready to ride and get this boat fixed! Check out local riders on Wakeboarding MD on FB for a pull this Speing!
  3. So I've been searching the web for some time now to find a possible trailer mount deflector for the new boat! I have to tow exclusively to get to my riding spots and unfortunately the roads here always have loose rocks, construction zones, chip seal, and/or gravel that I have to pass. I see similar products more frequently on competition fishing boats than I do on towboats. There is a local shop that does custom covers and have seen them do a vinyl solution that mounts as an extension of the boat cover down to the front of the trailer. Of course it's been primarily on tradition bow design and don't see much of a solution for pickle fork. There is 1 below. I'm also not sold on the look of them unless I can find the right solution but really concerned about protecting my investment. For the record I already have Rock Tamers that I use on my tow vehicle but looking for additional protection. If anybody has any firsthand knowledge and/or reviews please chime in. I see a couple of these are products of our northern neighbors!! http://www.trailer-rockguard.com/photos.html http://www.rockgard.com/ http://www.montanarockguards.com/ http://www.trailertux.com/index.php
  4. Hey Guys, So I looked through the forums but didn't see anything on my topic. I want to replace the little wheels/cylinders on the back of my trailer that protect it from hitting bottom when going through an incline, etc. I've got a call into Boatmate trailers but no word back as of yet. Has anyone replaced these? Ideally I would like to get something that is more rubber and less prone to make a mark on my drive way as it scrapes at some angles. Any info would be appreciated. - Dennis
  5. Looking at buying an used in need of work Centurion Vdrive trailer. Needs to be rebuilt but that doesn't scare me at all. I can pick it up for $1000. Going to be loading my 05' Avy onto it after some extensive work. Roll it is the shop strip it and start building it the way i want it. Frame is solid. Axles are good. WIll do bearings etc no doubt. Do you think its worth the rolling frame?

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