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Found 8 results

  1. Every time I take my '99 ski centurion D-Drive out to the launch, it takes forever for it to turn over, and a couple of times I ended up flooding it! Is it because it has sat for like 1-2 weeks, or is it the steep angle of the ramp causing it to do something to a gas line? IDK... Anyone with the same or similar boat have this issue? Thereafter, the boat runs good for the day and starts up fast each time.
  2. I have a 2009 Centurion Avalanche and recently made a post and need some more help - This season when we put the boat in the water we are having a problem with the throttle idling the boat up. When we push the stick forward it will go into gear for maybe 2 seconds at the longest during these 2 seconds the boat idles up and and act like its going to take off. However, after that initial time the throttle cuts out and the boat goes into almost a limp mode. I have noticed that the red V-drive light never goes off. What makes this weirder is if I set the zero-off to a speed (lets say 15 MPH) That if I give the boat full throttle the zero off will catch and hold the boat at that speed. But with out using the zero off the boat will not stay idled up and have the transmission engaged. Anyone have any thoughts?
  3. Recently purchased a 2002 centurion eclipse only has 230hours on the motor. boat is in great shape in all aspects but took the boat this past weekend and noticed an unusual overheating issue. Boat ran absolutely great first time I had it out a couple weeks ago. This past weekend I took it on Saturday to a cove where we would have everyone meet up at and camp. I parked the boat for most of Saturday. Sunday morning when the lake was like glass decided to take the boat out, after about 5 minutes out the audible warning started going off, I looked down at the temp gauge and it was all the way past 220. I shut the motor off waited about 5 minutes and restarted the boat, temp had leveled out so I drove it back to the cove very slowly around 5-10mph and the temp maintained well. After a few hours I went out to the boat and turned it on and let it run in the cove for about 15 minutes at idle, I opened up the engine cover made sure there was nothing in there that could be causing issues, couldn't see or feel anything. After 15 minutes boat still maintain good temp, oil PSI was perfect and the boat sounded great. Later on in the day we wanted to do some tubing so we tried taking the boat out, as soon as I gave it some throttle to get up to speed I could see the temp gauge rising rapidly and got almost to audible warning temp again, so I backed off and called it a day. I had to cruise back to the docks which was about 7 miles away, I cruised the boat the entire way at about 10mph and the temp was perfect the whole way there. I have heard of the impeller and thermostat causing similar issues but usually the opposite of my situation as it would overheat at idle but level out with throttle. So trying to see if anyone has a similar experience and can point me in the right direction, I will change the impeller regardless because who knows the last time it was changed. But any other information would greatly be appreciated, as we have another weekend planned and I would like to actually enjoy the boat this time. THANK YOU!!
  4. I know there isn't a ton of Carbon Pro owners on this site but I need some advice and help please. Does your throttle engage then seem to take a long time between engaging and actually powering up the boat? I can push mine at least 4 inches before it will start to power up. This is extremely frustrating especially when trying to teach new people how to ski. Can the throttle be tightened up so the gap is less? My Nautique, Moomba, and, Supra were never like this. Any help greatly apprecitaed.
  5. Last trip of the season my Avalanche went into power reduction mode. I was cruising around and then backed off the throttle at which point I got the buzzer every minute and no throttle. I turned the boat and batteries off for about a minute and then back on and the throttle operated normally for the rest of the day. My engine information is: Year: 2006 Make: PCM Excalibur 330 Model: 15-570V-01 (5.7L 350 CID LH MPI) (GM) Serial #: 462755 Firing Order: 18436572 Manuf: 6/21/2006 I went ahead and bit the bullet and got the TechMate Scan tool from Rinda Technologies to see what was going on under the hood. This is the information it provided: Code 81 Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) Fault TAC Error, PPS 1&2 Correlation Fault TAC Error, Limited Authority In the PCM Digital Throttle Control Diagnostic Supplement (attached if anyone needs it) it lists a variety of combinations, but this exact combination isn't mentioned. Anyone experience this and what the fix was? This happened last year as well and the shop replaced the Throttle Position Sensor on the Throttle Body. Digital Throtle Control Supplement.pdf
  6. I have an 06 T5 Comp with the 330 hp Black Scorpion. The throttle is stiff and I am looking for ways to lubricate the cable. Any ideas?
  7. I'm having a humming noise at low speed by the throttle/shifter. Any ideas what this is?

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