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Found 3 results

  1. I'm needing some help setting up my DD T5 comp for wakesurfing. I currently have (2) 750LB fat sacs, and (1) 370lb fat sac. i have a mission wakeshaper. I normally have about 4 people of around 400 lbs in the boat as well. Can anyone give me anymore tips on placement of weight or set ups to help me get a surfable wave without having to use the rope? I cannot find enough push to throw the rope inside the boat. This is NEW to me and i figure someone on here knows what they are doing to make this work. thanks!!

    So first off, thanks for tuneman for the inspiration for this. I used most of his measurements, but show how I got them (his post is here http://www.centurioncrew.com/index.php/topic/6767-finally-surfgate-on-my-enzo-sv230/?hl=%20swim%20%20platform). Second, I'm not making this for anyone, nor am I selling it (in case malibuers are reading this). This is nothing more than a random assembly of lumber demonstrating fluid dynamics. Materials used: 2x12x6 2x3x4 1x2x6 3/4x10x4 plywood 2007 Avy So I didn't use pressure treated lumber, my intention is to use this as a mockup to prove it works, then make something out of plexiglas with some hydraulics. So I went on the cheap for now. I think total lumber cost was like $30. This took me about 3 hours to complete. Okay, to start I needed to get the angle of the hull. tuneman had this as 12° but his boat is an Enzo and I didn't want to just assume mine was the same. So I clamped a piece of wood to a level and stood it on the trailer leaning against the boat using the level to ensure I was straight up and down. I then put my protractor against this combination and ran my finger down between it and the boat to ensure the entire length was equidistant from the boat. This came out to 12° on the button Next, I needed to know how long the bottom piece should be. The bracket for my swim platform means I don't have a lot to play with underneath. I laid my long piece of wood against the boat and measured from the bracket out. This would be my minimal length at the front. I cut this at 14", the top I made 16". Next I made the 12° cuts. Since I'm making one for both sides, I did this all at once Next I measured the space between the two boards to see how thick of a spacer I needed. It came out to 2.5". Which, perfectly enough a 2x3 is actually a 1.5x2.5, so there was no need to cut the spacers down. I clamped a spacer in and measured how long my support pieces would need to be. tuneman had this at about 9.5", mine came out to 10". Basically I measured from the bottom of the hull to the top of my 2x12. Okay, time to cut the spacers and the support strips. I cut the spacers to 11" since the 2x12s are 11.5" wide. And the support strips I cut to 9". I cut both sides at once, here's what one side looks like Next I screwed a top 2x12 into the spacer Then I stood the boards up with the spacer on a flat surface so that the angled ends would be in line and I clamped in place This would be a good time to realize your spacer is on the wrong way and dump your drill bits all over the ground. Have fun getting them back into there proper holders in size order... This is also a good time for your significant other to come out and ask what you're doing. Argue with her for about 15 minutes how it will clean up the wave and making switching sides effortless. Continue to argue with her that there is no way it is "going to fly off and hit someone in the face". Another good time waster is to spill your drill bits yet again, mumbling to yourself you need to put them in a better spot. Alrighty, now that we're past all of that, put your piece on your swim platform. Add the support pieces so we can get the angle and final position set At this point for some reason my port side platform retainer was getting in the way, so I relocated it to between the boat and platform. It bent like crazy so I had to bend it back. Also, this will now be hell to remove come winterizing. I didn't have to do the starboard side, don't do it if you don't need to Okay, now is the time to get the angle. According to tuneman and some articles I've read, 20° is the magic number. So I placed my protractor on the setup and again placed my long piece of wood against the boat. I moved the setup until the wood matched my angle (I set the protractor to 160° for this as it got the angle going in the direction I needed) now that I have my angle, I added spacers that will hold this angle against the swim platform. I neglected to take a photo here, But you'll see them in the later ones. Next I cut my plywood to 20" by 10". The 10" we got earlier in our measurements, the 20" I got from googling around on the malibu specs. I then proceeded to mount these to the supports. I cut one end of this board at a 45 degree so that it would sit flush against the boat (we can see that spacer here) Finally, I sacrificed a pair of old jeans to keep from scratching the boat and the swim platform. A positive byproduct is a sweet pair of daisy duke jorts! I just had SeaDek make it for me, and I'm not about to scratch it up. I may also use my router to round all sharp edged corners. I stapled the jeans to anywhere that will touch the fiberglass or the platform top. Be careful not to put staples in where it touches And that was it! Some extra angles: The Surf Gods seem to be blessing this. It's still pretty cold here, but once I get it in the water, hopefully this weekend or next, I'll try to post some pictures of both sides in action.
  3. ok, so I went out for a demo today on a new 2014 Axis A24, after everything I have been hearing about Axis and surfgate I must admit I was a bit disappointed. I thought this whole thing about weighting the boat evenly sounds great since we surf both sides and hate having to switch all the ballast, but from what we tried today the wave just wasn't that big or have much push. we filled all the stock ballast plus a 800 plug n play in each corner plus about 700 up front and the driver, surfgate and wedge. our water depth wasn't the best between 17' and 19' but I believe my Avy would do fine at that depth, we usally run at about 27' in it. End result, ill be keeping my 05 Avy for now, or until someone can show me a better surfgate wave than I have now on my C4. has anyone else tried one of these, did you have better luck? did we need more weight? total we had close to 3000lbs.

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