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Found 3 results

  1. The internet is awash with how-to's for DIY wave shapers that all more or less have the same fatal flaw......they are based on mounting bracket platform that cause a 90* angle. I tried two iterations (90* and 70*?) of my wedge with this platform unsuccessfully prior to trying a new design. Effect on the wave was awesome (regular and goofy) but the hard angle applies too much pressure to the suction cups and struggles to stay on for the length of a surf session. Riding through other boats chop really seemed to unsettle the suction cups. Pic below is my original design with standard 90* angle. No pictures of the 2nd iteration. I'll be adding photos and process of my next iteration for a <$40 wave shaper with pictures, parts, and assembly directions. Who else out there has built one and what did you do better/differently? Floating attachments? Better suction cups? Etc.?
  2. For you guys looking for a cheap cocktail table alternative. The suck gate suction cups would work for a great mounting system. Unfortunately my first attempt at a suck gate failed as the suction cup handle (HOD) that I tried the first time didn't hold well enough, but no use letting that first handle go to waste. My first suck gate failed as a suck gate but I did stick it to the side of the cockpit below the seat long enough to make a sandwich and pour a drink on it as I contemplated the changes for the next version. Just turning the suction cup handle so both suction cups run horizontal to the floor, add a couple pieces of flat iron between the two suction cups, mount a couple L brackets to the flat iron coming up from the handle, bolt on a cocktail table top of your choosing and you should be good to go. I think you guys in need of a cocktail table should have a budget solution for under $40. You could always get fancy and drill a few holes to hold a go cup, shooter glass, or install a couple chrome drink holders to hold beer cans or a beverage of your choosing. I was lucky enough to get a cocktail table with my boat when I bought it, but it is stationary in the back corner of the boat. The cocktail table sucker would be portable and could easily be moved around the boat.
  3. Hey all I just finished a prototype surf gate for the lightning hull. I have to say I am extremely impressed with it. We bought this boat before getting into surfing, and knowing very little of hull designs. I was really bummed when we started to surf and found it very hard on this boat. Those little crevices in the corners of the boat were definitely a disappointment to surfing. Hopefully this fixes that problem. We have not tried it out yet as the air temp was a little cold for my wife to want to get in the water here in northern Minnesota. I want to give a shout out to @stoked@ for his write up on surf gate 2.0, this motivated me to try this. I made this thing in about ten minutes from scrap wood. I plan to let me wife be the first to surf it today. I hopefully will post that video later tonight. I did make a video showing the different wakes with and without the surf gate. Check it out, let me know what you think. I did 12 inches of actual gate at 20 degrees. https://youtu.be/8EN9PQixpJs

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