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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, you all have probably seen this similar thread a hundred times... My wife and I have been talking about a boat for a decade now, but this is the year. I have read so much online and considered many boat brands that I feel I'm going a bit mad (all used for budget sake). recently we have actually gone out and looked and felt real boats (very exciting). used malibus, MCs, Supra, centurion, Tige...all 6-10 years old for our budget. many beat up and may hours. Moomba's, very nice, attracted to the fit and finish and the helm. Axis, I actually liked but didn't seem as nice as moomba/supreme. Supreme, I am in love. feel that the 2017 to current (with the new helm) is my boat. I have an opportunity to buy a beautiful 16' s238 for reasonable price although not the color scheme we would ever consider and without the dash we now want after seeing the 17-on. As well, Despite being ready to buy now, I have no where to put the thing, no moorage/slip available. So now I am thinking keep my cash down until this winter, figure out logistics of storage/moorage, and by for next spring. Am I crazy to think that a 17 will come available, or an 18', for 60-70k, by next spring? We are on a big lake with BIG storms/chop, depths over 1000' (Pend 'Oreille, ID). I want the biggest boat I can find (S238) for this reason but I know that also pushes up price and fuel costs. The s226 seams like the next best option at almost 23' for bigger water. S232 is beautiful but even more expensive and looks like came out for 19' as a new design. Purpose: Surf (main activity), occasional tubing, anchoring to swim (three kids under 10), maybe skiing. No wakeobarding Are there other boats I should consider? I see older centurions on these posts, really want something surf designed and post 14' do to what seems like the industry really became more surf focused around this time. So much appreciate any insight.
  2. My wife and I have deposit on a new Supreme S226 with Supreme's Wake Surfing Championship Package including the Quick Surf System. We like the boat a lot but I had a few questions before we finalize our decision this week. We have 4 kids (11, 8, 6 & 3) two of which wakeboard on our current I/O along with my wife and I, but non of us have wakesurfed yet. Since our kids our young I would like a boat that wake boards and wake surfs really well along with one that will give us enough room for our family and at least one if not two other families on rare occasions. The same dealer we are working with has a S238 as well that we did look at, but it is a bit more expensive and the model he has is in orange and black which my wife does not really like. The S226 is a nice blue with metal flake which she loves. With all that said does the S226 sound like it would be a good fit for my family with room to grow especially as my kids get more involved in both sports. (they are already doing well with wake boarding and have a lot of interest in progressing.) The other question I have is in regards to pricing. The list price on the S226 is $69,900 and I believe the S238 is around $75,000. Are these decent prices for these models? Last questions is in regards to Centurion. I know beginning in 2014 the CATS system was added. Would I be better off trying to find a used Centurion (at least 14+ capacity) rather than one of these 2016 Supremes? Thanks in advance for any guidance you guys can give. I am obviously new to the wake boat life and although my family and I are excited to dive in as you know this is a big, long term investment and we want to make the right decision out of the gate. Thanks again! Dave
  3. I was going to order up an impeller for my s226 but need to know the part #. Was hoping to get one without removing the existing to find out?? Anybody know what impeller the Crusader 405 6.0L takes?

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